Fine dines.

I was getting my hair done, and couldn’t help becoming frustrated as two women nearby were discussing potato chips. After a series of unfortunate misnomers, I realized they were discussing the Lay’s flavor competition. I wanted to correct “chicken syrup” to “Chicken and Waffles,” and tell them the third flavor they couldn’t think of was in-fact “Siracha,” which happens to include three cheese flavorings in its ingredients, but I decided to bite my tongue.

There are currently three different types of potato chips in my kitchen, and I am intimately familiar with 99% of new chip flavors on the market. Speaking up in defense of a bag of chips would have just been too much, even for me.

Sushi from Costco. Good deal and good taste.

I met my love, Kristan, for happy hour at Yard House downtown. True to form, we overcapitalized on the food deals.

Garlic Chicken Noodles.

Crab Cakes.

Chicken Lettuce Wraps. Everything was under $6.

Egyptian Lentil Soup at Cherry St. Coffee House.

Asiago Bagel with Bacon, Egg and Cheese.

I think we’ve been to Cherry St. three times in the last… three days. We love it, and I’ll remember it as a place we shared the last of my lazy mornings.

What is Gordon Ramsay’s worst Kitchen Nightmare? ^^^^ “FROZEN RAVIOLI? G** D*****!”


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