FedEx has never successfully delivered a package to me. Half of my pictures are taken on walks to some local FedEx location to pick up said packages. However, I do love Kinkos and have been frequenting the local FedEx|Kinkos office to use their self-service print shop (super efficient and easy to use). It’s definitely a love-hate relationship.

Painted skyline on Pike Street.


There are so many beautiful flowers blooming around my neighborhood.

Growing wine.

Coveting this gilded plant pot at Area 51 in Capitol Hill.

“Spiked Heart Minaudiere” at Forever 21.

Mesh Paneled Peep Toe Booties.”

Tropical clutches at Urban Outfitters. They’re $5 each if you can get to a store by Sunday.

Cool lime refresher. My go-to on sunny days.

“Jermaine & Chris” forever on Pike Street.


2 thoughts on “Lately.

  1. I love the picture of the wine growing in the ground. I can definitely see that in front of a store or in a garden. The spiked hearts also look pretty awesome too, I know my girlfriend would love it.

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