Daisy day.

Here are a few quotes from the lady, actually,  I don’t think she deserves to be called a “lady.” A few quotes from the woman getting a pedicure next to me:

What? It’s a new tattoo. Huh? It’s a turtle. Oh, no. It didn’t hurt. It’s just scabbing. Do you understand? Heallinnggggg. Yeah, just massage around it. (Hahah, she got a tattoo of a turtle…)

Oh God. I don’t like that color, can you take it off and try something else.

You don’t have enough pinks here.

Excuse me (walks to a completely unrelated woman in the midst of a manicure) can I see that color? (grabs color from the woman performing said manicure) Oh, it’s not ‘Cotton Candy.’ Y’all need more colors.

I think I like introverts.

Sunny day jewelry.

I guess there could be some more pinks.


Much needed reading.

No frills soy latte.


Mint toes.

This was on the sidewalk outside of my place. I want to believe this was the answer to someone’s drunken (phantom) hunger.


Eggy smile.



Typical meal, but with soy sauce.


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