The end of an era.

…If you consider my falling asleep to Downton Abbey every night an “era.”

I finished the last episode of Season 3 last night, and did not know what to do with myself. In an effort to reconcile my feelings, I went into full stalk mode on Have you seen how the actors look in “real life” versus their appearance on the show? Yes, I performed an audit on every character. It is intriguing to imagine a makeup team whose sole job is to ensure beautiful people look dull and like porcelain (I recommend hiring my Asian mother for the job).

To my detriment, I am now too well-versed in Season 4 spoilers. I suggest you don’t talk to me until January, I would do the same.

At Boylston and Broadway Avenues.

Prints and knots.

A happy pup.

Soda break.

My favorite citrus fruit: Cara cara orange. I wouldn’t say I’m the best at taking aesthetically pleasing pictures of fruit.

Yesterday, I met my friend Jessica for a bite before her class. I had not seen her in four years, but it was like nothing had changed even when everything has.

Glass of “Kir” at Cafe Presse where First Hill meets Capitol Hill.

Sandwich en baguette with grilled sardine. David recommended this for good reason…

…it was delicious.



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