Lazy morning.

This morning was one to be celebrated. To preface: It appears that a “professional” leaf blower has gone rogue and dictated my sidewalk as his new place of employment. Now that my lazy mornings have become more frequent, I find it hard to imagine any other situation more inappropriate than lawn maintenance – every damn morning – before 9am. I am still not sure if someone took him out first, or if he let the sidewalk know he would be taking some personal time this morning, but he wasn’t there today. It was a euphonic experience.



The temperature was cool enough again for covers. Any other manner of sleep is just primitive.

This car. Oh, man. This car has been parked in that spot for over a week and a half now, at minimum. I am now thoroughly concerned for the welfare of the owner.

The most wonderful smelling candle I’ve found to date. Capri Blue Candle in Volcano.

After a few months of quasi-diligent juicing, I have decided to put the parts away for more counter space. Hopefully they’ll be back out  sooner than later. Omega Juicer.

Like Bagel Bites, I’ll have this in the morning, evening and at suppertime. Currently watching Downton Abbey.

Leftovers for breakfast.

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