Upon picking up my drink, I stared at this cup for a good ten minutes. I am thankful my name is not actually spelled this way.

I believe this is a suggestion that I smile.

A: My mood when I read these impossible riddles. Update: I believe my lovely friend Steph has solved it. Rain?

I typically read a physical book along with what’s in my Nook. Currently also reading Sex With Kings by Eleanor Herman. It reads like a history book, but the content is much, much, much more addicting.


“Rumor had it that the marquis was frequenting the vilest whorehouses to catch a disease and pass it on through his wife to the king.” The next page continues… “There was a major flaw in his logic. Madame de Montespan [said wife] refused to sleep with her embarrassing husband.” Amazing.

David and I discovered this new flavor last week. We’re on bag #2.

Totokaelo in Capitol Hill.

All Gold Everything – Trinidad James.



If you can overlook the “unique” appearance of the sticks, the water actually looked delicious. The cost of a Brita water filter is comparable, but the novelty can’t compete.


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