The layover.

The best weekends are those that pleasantly surprise you. Between travels, my honey spent about thirty hours at home. Eleven of which were gained through a series of fortuitous events. There was a lot of eating, walking and sun bathing, but far more time spent smirking, laughing and seeing how many “that’s what she said” responses we could come up with.

The aforementioned should be referred to as “the layover,” not to be confused with “the eternal weekend” that came to an end the moment he touched down in Seattle.

This is the best. (L’Oreal Mascara over a Clare Vivier clutch)

Linda’s Fudge Cake. Birthday leftovers.

Nook Tablet reads. Currently reading The Twelve by Justin Cronin.

His and Hers. Well, actually “hers and hers” if we’re getting technical.

Xiao long bao at HardWok Cafe in Seattle.


Monday morning brunch at Voulas.

I don’t use much cream. I hear the less cream your consume, the more it cancels out the pancakes below. Or something like that.

Blueberry pancakes. The picture is not true to size and doesn’t do them justice.

Oddly, this picture is true to size.

Overnight oats. Quick oats, chia seeds, flax seeds (ground), agave nectar, stevia, dark chocolate peanut butter (Peanut Butter & Co.), water, refrigerator, ten hours time.

23 seconds later. We shared.


Newfound park in First Hill, Seattle. First Hill Park.

Baby pineapples.

 Live-Action Infomercial. Suffice it to say he was convincing. Do you see that palm tree?

This was hard for me to post because the actual sight was remarkable and this is just underwhelming.

That’s what she said..?


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