The eternal weekend.

David was out of town this weekend visiting friends, and I made it a point to have a low key weekend at home in Seattle.  A few hours into my solo-weekend, I felt comfortable downloading the new Jonas Brothers’ song “Pom Poms” onto my phone and already had seven plays an hour into my Saturday. Needless to say, that man can’t leave me unattended, nor can he take me anywhere.

Quinoa, snap peas, orange bell peppers, quartered shrimp, sesame oil, soy sauce.


Improving my penmanship.


Three peas in a pod.


Chicken and mushroom sausage, orange bell peppers, egg whites, avocado, red chili flakes, s&p.

Ha. This didn’t actually happen.

Checking if the Malbec went bad. It had not.


One thought on “The eternal weekend.

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